Happy New Year 2017!

It's 4 January. I've swept, I've cleaned, I've thrown out the trash. Canvases are in their places. It's time to paint! Always daunting after some time away. Seven years ago I stood in front of an 8' x 6' blank canvas and 5 hours later, Winter Sky 1 stared back at me. It doesn't always work that way.

We'll see how today goes. In the mean time, I am grateful to have Early Winter Redoux in the January issue of the Artful Mind.



To imitate, emulate, or take as a model for oneself, is the greatest praise. And so it has been for about 10 years now that I have been memorizing Mary Oliver poems. To test my aging brain yes, but by the acts of committing to heart, to find my way into her creative worlds so that I better understand my own, hers and others. At its most fundamental that is what art does. It may lay claim to a good many things, personal, social, cultural, political and spiritual, but there has to be something about it that compels us to stay with it, engage it, live with it as though it were our own. Indeed make it our own. I chose Walking Home From Oak-Head to accompany Early Winter Redoux as it so fully embodies my lived experience of snow laden skies, in winter, in the late afternoon. I chose Early Winter Redoux hoping you will live with it awhile, that you will look and look, and look again. Commit it to heart, and look out onto the world and see it and yourself anew. It is after all, a New Year!

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